Component 1

Effective mechanism for NQF implementation


Activities under Component 1 will contribute to the definition of the wider legal framework and policies in relation to Azerbaijan’s NQF, and will support the further engagement of stakeholders. However, the main focus will be on supporting institutional development of those implementing NQF and capacity building of their staff.

Key deliverables include:

  • Capacity of the NQF Secretariat to act for the NQF Coordination body strengthened;
  • Roles of the implementing bodies clearly identified, adequate involvement of stakeholders
  • ensured and new roles attributed;
  • Laws and regulations applying to education and training are consistent with NQF goals;
  • Co-ordination of policy across Ministries (especially Education and Labour) created and
  • maintained;
  • The capacities of the stakeholders to play their role in the functional NQF are supported.

The Activities to be undertaken are as follows.

Activity 1.1
Review the key functions, structure and staff job profiles of the NQF Secretariat and propose recommendations on their improvement
Activity 1.2
Train members of the NQF Secretariat for the NQF Coordination body functions
Activity 1.3
Organise at least one study visit to EU Member States for the NQF Secretariat members and prepare briefings and presentations to make NQF Secretariat aware of the role of international peers
Activity 1.4
Map and analyse existing roles, interests, expectations and capacities of all stakeholders and institutions that need to be involved in the NQF and develop a handbook based on these results
Activity 1.5
Review legislation and develop recommendations on its alignment with the NQF implementation goals
Activity 1.6
Review policies of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and provide recommendation to ensure their coherence
Activity 1.7
Develop stakeholder engagement and information strategy for the NQF Secretariat
Activity 1.8
Organise NQF Implementation Conference for all Stakeholders

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