Component 2

Introduction of relevant education standards in pilot sectors


Under Component 2, the focus will be on the review/development of three types of documents critical to the development of labour-market relevant qualifications which are compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements.

  1. State Education Standards (SES) which govern education in Azerbaijan at agreed Levels. This includes initial VET qualifications, sub-Bachelor’s qualifications, Bachelor’s qualifications, basic medical Higher Education qualifications, Master’s and postgraduate medical education (residency) qualifications, as well as relevant qualifications of further education 
  2. Occupational Standards, particularly for the sectors identified as priority for the development of Learning Programmes; and
  3. Qualification Standards, deriving from the Occupational Standards of the priority sectors identified.

Key deliverables include:

  • Occupational mapping of 3 out of the 8 priority sectors completed and 24 occupations divided over levels 3-7 of the NQF selected for testing;
  • Guidelines for developing education standards from occupational standards developed;
  • At least 12 standard developers trained and guidance materials developed;
  • State Educational Standards for 24 occupations over levels 3-7 of the NQF with a structure for a learning-outcome-based approach revised and agreed with the Beneficiary.

The Activities to be undertaken are as follows.

Activity 2.1
Review existing modernised State Educational Standards for related profiles, adapt the existing structure of state educational standards in order to introduce a competency or learning outcome based approach, agree the new structure with the Beneficiary, and validate and agree the revised state education standards with stakeholders
Activity 2.2
Develop guidance materials for the development of state educational standards from occupational standards
Activity 2.3
Develop Occupational maps for 3 out of the 8 priority sectors based on strategic roadmaps completed and select 24 occupations (8 for each sector) for testing divided over different NQF levels
Activity 2.4
Train 12 standard developers and develop at least 24 state education standards for priority sectors covering levels 3-7 of the NQF based on the selected occupations


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