Component 5

Improve QA of assessment and certification processes


Component 5 deals with an important aspect of all qualifications systems, namely quality assurance, with emphasis on the assessment and certification processes. By definition, the focus of an outcomes-based qualification is the demonstrated achievement of those outcomes. In this sense, the assessment of achievement is of vastly greater significance than any learning/teaching processes that may have preceded it. The change of emphasis from input to output will challenge all parts of the system, reflecting as it does the focus from supply to demand.

Key deliverables include:

The Activities to be undertaken are as follows.

Activity 5.1
Organise at least one study visit to EU Member States on QA of assessment and certification processes for the Beneficiary
Activity 5.2
Develop new regulations, methodologies and guidelines for improved assessment in line with international good practice; develop guidelines for internal and external QA of assessment and certification processes, and integrate as well guidelines for QA for VNFIL
Activity 5.3
Develop standards and test a training programme for assessors and for validators; train a group of assessors and test new assessment approaches in IVET for sub bachelor and HE qualifications, involving assessors from the world of work